LASA’s leadership includes a committee of various positions which serve to diversify the activities and projects that LASA has created or adopted. The committee is the brains and brawn of LASA, and is the base for involving all general members in sub-committees, projects, troupes, and services. From our projects like Festival Latino and Projecting Minds, to our Latin Styles Dance Troupe to co-hosting events with other organizations… our L.A.S.A. committee is dedicated to serving all students and the community at large. 

Here are our current committees. If you are interested in being a member of L.A.S.A. please contact our President, Genaro A. Solis at, or at 562.320.9941

Academic Affairs

This committee responsible for maintaining the academic endeavors of each and every one of the Latin American Student Association members. We dedicate our time to easing the burden of stress associated with college life, whether it be financially and/or academically. This committee has created a scholarship to accommodate for the economic hardships faced by the many Latino students. (More info…)

Cultural Affairs

Cultural Affairs works to uphold the Cultural Identity and Awareness Pillar of LASA. It is our goal to educate members and the UCLA community of the Latin American culture. We do this through several cultural presentations and cultural outings held throughout the year. The committee is also responsible for hosting ExpresARTE during Semana de la Raza in the Spring. (More info…)  

Political Affairs

Political Affairs is composed of External and Internal components. The external representative serves as a liaison to the Undergraduate Students Association Council and the internal representative serves as a liaison to the P.O.D.E.R. Coalition and other groups on campus. Our goal is to introduce contemporary issues affecting the Latino/a communities and other communities we stand in solidarity with and who might share the same struggles. We present feasible solutions to help alleviate these situations, in hopes of motivating general members to act on these injustices and go back to their own communities and create change. (More info…)

Festival Latino

Festival Latino is a free, all-day event held annually at the UCLA Wilson Plaza and hosted  by LASA’s Festival Latino Committee. Festival Latino consists of the Stage, the Village, and the Arena of Consciousness, all of which celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of Latin America with the community. The Festival Latino committee spends the entire year organizing and preparing for this event which showcases the rich culture of Latin America and its people. More About Festival Latino…

General Representatives

As general representatives it is our job to represent LASA as a whole identity; we are the liaisons between general members, committee and board. 

Latin Styles Dance Troupe 

Every year, the LASA dance troupes debut their routines at tU Carnaval. In the past, LASA dance troupes have performed such notable events as UCLA’s Spring Sing, West Coast Salsa Congress, UCLA’s “Beat ‘SC” Bonfire, and the UCLA Dance Marathon. Their biggest performance of the year is at LASA’s Festival Latino. Auditions to be on dance troupes are typically held towards the end of Fall quarter every year, after audition pieces are learned and rehearsed during weekly practices throughout the beginning of Fall quarter. 


Fundraising Committee is in charge of working hand on hand with Festival Latino to develop and organize fundraising events that will go towards putting on this huge event. Some fundraising events that LASA has hosted include: Tamal Sales (and other food sales), Car Washes, and Club Parties.

Projecting Minds

From left to right:

Projecting Minds is a mentoring and tutoring program for Nora Sterry Elementary students. We have site visits on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students who wish to volunteer can get to the site through vanpools while leave at 2:30pm and at 3pm by the Ackerman Turnaround (near Lot 6). Vans return to campus at approximately 5pm. More About Projecting Minds…

Historian and Herstorian

As his/erstorian, our job is to document the LASA events by taking pictures and perhaps video footage of the events, collecting and gathering pictures from other members, creating a scrapbook at the end of the year, announcing the Lasera/o of the month, birthday announcements, and organizing the End of the Year Banquet in the Spring. 

Public Relations / Publicity

Publicity chair helps to publicize LASA events and other LASA-related things via flyering, tabling on Bruin Walk, and other forms of outreach together with the Publicity Director. The Publicity chair is also in charge of helping create, maintain, and develop a full functional, up-to-date website.

Aesthetic Visionaries

This committee was created with the hopes of creating a better future through the magic of film. We will change the world one film at a time. The AV committee promotes education enhancement through bold, progressive projects that showcase the everyday struggle unique to the Latinos at UCLA, and in American society in general. The first project involves the creation of a documentary about the Dream Act, the people involved with pushing for its acceptance into law, and the students who reside in the shadows until it comes to fruition. Like-minded film making would thoroughly increase student’s knowledge of current social and political events while openly engaging them in the actual events themselves.

“A picture is worth a thousand words. Moving pictures are worth a thousand times that.”